CASPERIA…Through the Centuries Casperia is one of the few places in Europe where the historical centre is still totally inaccessible to cars with just pedestrian streets. This magic atmosphere gives the visitors walking around tiny medieval alleys the unique sensation of “floating above time” and living in an undefined era that can range from its ancient pre Roman origins to its blooming age during the Renaissance. This region was inhabited since the VIII century b.C. by the ancient population of the Sabins that after the “Rape of the Sabins” were involved in few conflicts with the Romans guilty of the legendary kidnapping. It was the will of the daughters/wives that entered the battle ground holding their nephews/sons that finally convinced belligerantes to give up the war and make a fusion of the two populations. Since then were built on the hill of Paranzano Romans villas and aqueducts that are still in operation nowadays. After the fall of the Roman empire in order to give a better defence against enemies, buildings and all constructions works were moved on the adjacent overlying hill giving birth to the actual Casperia originally named “Aspra”. Throughout the centuries many invaders tried to enter the village but it was never conquered due to its inaccessible position, imposing walls and fortifications. Many sieges occurred through the time but thanks to the multiple circles of walls, to the big tanks collecting spring and rain water, to the many cellars where food could be stored in all seasons and to several terrace gardens providing fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, the inhabitants always had a good defence and plenty of food supplies.
  • By Car From Rome: A1 Highway towards Florence (Firenze) Exit PONZANO SORATTE. After leaving Highway follow the first roadsigns towards Poggio Mirteto till the first crossroad where you have to follow roadsigns towards Cantalupo, Casperia is 4 km far form Cantalupo.
  • By train from Rome: Any regional train bound for Orte, either from Fiumicino Airport or in approximately 50 minutes from any of the following railway stations: Roma Tiburtina, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere. We can pick you up free at Poggio Mirteto final arrival, 10 minutes drive from Casperia.
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