Let us welcome you to Gusto al Borgo Italian Cooking school especially dedicated to foreigners and located in a 16th century historical palace in the center of Casperia, a medieval village in the heart of the Sabina region, at less than one hour drive from Rome. Here you will enjoy the view of the hills and the landscape directly from the kitchen and the dining room where we will serve you a welcome coffee along with homemade appetizers and snacks.

We’ll welcome you at the entrance of medieval village of Casperia after you reached it on your own or by train 50 minutes from downtown Rome. We’ll pick you up at the nearest railway station, only 10 minutes drive from the village.

We’ll take you to Gusto al Borgo cooking school to enjoy your class and taste your meal as described in the “Experience” session. When strolling along the narrow streets and going up and down the steep steps, a multi language guide will be with you taking about the origins and history of the medieval village and its untouched lanes where no cars are allowed.

You’ll be introduced to the many stories of ancient inhabitants, walking within the medieval citadel walls, looking at the old houses and buildings: each of them with its own story, secrets and peculiarities.

You’ll be revealed stories about village sieges with inhabitants doing their best to survive them by creating terraced vegetable gardens and hidding water in underground tanks.

Before leaving you’ll receive some special gifts and souvenirs: your apron, chef hat and recipes of the dishes you prepared with the help of Paola.

What does history offer?

  • Cooking class
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Sightseeing of medieval village of Casperia
  • Gifts

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